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We have so many places to put words up on a screen these days to get our thoughts out of our minds and up for the eyes of the world to read. We have all the social media outlets. Short little snippets here and there. What about the when we need to get a little more then a few sentences off our minds, what program or programs do we use? I am going to give you my over view of the programs I use across the board to write my documents and how they compare to each other.

Word. We all know it, we have all used it at some point. I think everyone has been trained to use most of the functions of word at some point or another. It s a well made program and the makers of Word know its value. If you do not use a Windows computer but you do use Word, you also know the value of Word because you paid for it. I am right there with you, I have bought Word to use on my Mac.

I did not want to spend the money on an Apple tablet to use for writing on the go I have a very big addiction to Amazon. Every aspect of it. Shopping, videos, music and health products. I recently bought some health products called Kyani  and the amazing Kindle Fire. I bought the 10 inch Kindle Fire for myself with a case that has a blue tooth key board. It works amazingly, but it does not run Word. It does offer several apps that suffice very well for writing. I am using one right now for this article and another one for my personal writing, that does not go ‘live’ on the web. The names of these apps are ‘WPS Office’ and ‘Office Suite Pro’ which at the time of this second one is ‘actually free’ on amazon. I love this feature of Amazon Prime. There are many apps that are offered with this ‘actually free’ logo on it. Amazon so kindly gives us these high grade apps with all of its features unlocked. Thank you Amazon!

If I am working on a computer that is not mine I LOVE Google docs. I can write what I need to and it is saved online, not on the device that is not mine. It has a lot of great features too. If you are use to using Word it takes a little bit of getting use to before you can feel totally comfortable using Google Docs. The best feature of Google Docs has to be the sharing part. I have been working for a long time on my family history, along with my sisters help. We can both work together on the same document at the same time. What ever work I do is automatically saved for her to view when ever she goes to the document next.

If I had to choose my favorite programs as of right now, I would say it is a tie between Word, just because the history I have with writing with it and knowing it so well and Google Docs because of the new features it offers over Word and the availability it offers being everywhere I can log into my google account.

Anyway, that’s all from me today, have a great week.



Where Your Windows At?

Ok so I have just been in a bit of a debate with the guys from Tint My Windows Perth about Windows vs Apple. Who uses what? What works? What doesn’t? You get the idea I thought it would be a good topic to get stuck into. By the way the guys did an amazing job on y windows so thought I’d be kind and mention them on this little blog 🙂 (more…)

Old School vs New Skool

Cable? What is That?

A funny thing popped into my head today. I had some gentlemen over at my place installing Solar Panels on my roof. They were telling me all about their new advertising program they are running at the moment and how much their business has increased because of the tv ad. It got me thinking. Look at how far the television entertainment industry has come life. A little over three decades. No, I will not be telling you my real age, that is good enough. Back to it. When I was a child we had one television and it was on for a very small amount of time in my youth. Saturday morning cartoons and a family movie every once in a while. My father did like to watch Jeopardy and the news of course, but that was it. The television of my young years had a very small screen (compared to the ones I have in my life now) and it was monstrous heavy and looked quite a lot like a moving box.

In my preteen years my parents split up. This caused the budget to be tight with very few luxuries.  I distinctly remember the year that my sister’s and my joint Christmas present was a second television. We had two living spaces and were finally able to watch our cable shows that were on at the same time without having to set up a VCR to record one show while we watched the other. I mean hello, the 80’s called and wanted their remotes TV’s back, am I right?!

Then came the DVD. Yes, young people there was a time in history where there were not DVD’s. Crazy to think I know. I was there as the DVD’s phased out the VHS. Now when I see a VHS at a rummage sale it only brings back memories of first world problems my children will never have. Such as having to ‘be kind and rewind’.


The thing I think my children will soon not know anything about is cable. My children are all under the age of 8 and are very good at operating a remote, but not in the way we learned to click up and down to find a show, and with each click the screen flashed to the next show. My children use a four-way directional pad to find the show they want in ‘apps’ on smart televisions. If this would have been explained to my parents when I was young, they would have thought the person talking was a nut.

Anyway. We have three apps available to watch shows on. Amazon Prime is amazing. We can use it on all our amazon devices, including the little jump drive that turns my non-smart tv into a smart one.  Sense we do not have cable this makes it almost a necessity to have this device.

Then we have Hulu Plus, with this we can watch current cable shows without having to pay the outrageous prices of cable. Hulu is pretty awesome. I just wish it stored the back seasons of shows too, but I understand why they don’t. It is like their thing. Current shows only.


Then there is the ever loved Netflix. As of right now I cannot imagine the day Netflix will be a thing of the past, but of course it will happen someday. Netflix is a staple of almost everyone I know. It holds seasons upon seasons of shows making it very easy to binge watch shows. This is all the rage. Not that we try to watch shows like our friends but being able to sit down and watch show after show with no commercials and just keep the story going until the end, it is just what everyone does. Once you finish a show you ask everyone you know on social media what the next show you watch should be.

Things are always changing. Here is to the next 50 years of things improving and changing. Maybe someone will hold onto a VHS in a museum to show the kids of the future how we use to get our entertainment.



Well I feel the urge to bring up the old debate about the two accounting software’s that seem to be the front runners when it comes to how our data is stored, calculated, processed and managed. Xero V myob. Now I will firstly say that I recently had some work done by my friends at businessaccountantsperthwa who by the way, do a fantastic job. They seem to prefer the old school approach and were talking myob. It may have been that the accountant doing my stuff seemed to know it back to front. I guess its the same as programming or scripts and the different languages developers speak when building systems and databases. From what I had read and seen (and have a play on their website) Xero seemed way cooler and just a mile in front. Myob still had the same marketing and logo from when I remember the old man punching away in the excel spread sheet with a copy of Myob for dummies. 

MYOB began life as software package that you installed into the old clunker PC via a CD-ROM.  Xero is up with the  “clouds” so way cooler and backed up to servers and tucked away. Because XERO has had the big head start on the cloud based performance, it seems like MYOB, although attempting to play ball, will always lie in the shadows of its main rival

When it comes to accessing the two software’s, Xero offers a browser to give you access your account meaning you can log in anyway via the internet with all the big guns like chrome, safari and dare I say it, internet explorer. Myob still requires the installation of an application to serve as the entry door if they want to get up in the clouds with their opponent .Finally, if you hate watching the buffering circle for longer than 10 seconds, you really wouldn’t look past Xero for loads times and speed.

So if you cut through the sarcasm and take my biased ”what the hell is my accountant doing” perspective, I like XERO just that tiny winny little bit better.

Well maybe a bit more.

See you all soon


Free VPN?

Free VPN?

Welcome back to another blog on programming or anything computers really.

How many of you out there want to keep you information safe and private ? Most of you I hear you say ? Its bad enough the data brokers are living like kings every time a 15 year says Yes, to the question ” the application would like to know your location ” that are browsing history and information we collect be keep private. Well a company I have heard through the grapevine is about to be the  first major browser maker to integrate an unlimited and free VPN or virtual private network. So we expect that there will no longer be the need to  download VPN extensions  to shield your browsing history when your surfing around on  public Wi-Fi.

Its important to have privacy improvement and really , what  people’s expectations would be as we approach the half way mark of 2016. I wish it had of come way sooner before i threw myself to the wolves and exposure my credintilas to all the financail insituations of the world whilst trying to find a new car. Thanks to the crew at car loans for people with bad credit who came good with the cash.I guess its ok when you’re taking the money from the banks but not sure I feel that safe if I had a ton of it laying around.

So the team at opera continue to plug away at looking after out browsing privacy and claim to be introducing another major feature in just a matter of a few weeks; a native, unlimited and free VPN client, right inside your browser!

Well let’s see and hopefully soon.

We will be back soon with more on programming, computers, anything – from the dark side.