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Hi everyone,


Welcome to our blog on darkside programming.

I have read lots of blogs and articles on the wonderful world of programming and found that not only is it a language in its own right, its seems to be quite fiery with plenty comment on both sides. It also seems like it may have been a male dominated industry until recent years were we have plenty of female programmers. This has given a nice balance and plenty to talk about.

You may think that “darkside” is a whole new language altogether and that Darth Vader is going to appear with the latest iPad pro to take us all down. From what I have found on the term darkside, It seems that its programmers that have learnt all they can in their trained field and are now looking to create their own language or piece of programming history. Of course, it’s only an opinion, and I could be wrong. Either way, it’s a fantastic industry with so much growth over the years to come, it’s certainly worth a blog site to take about everything and anything programming: be it dark or not.