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Cable? What is That?

A funny thing popped into my head today. I had some gentlemen over at my place installing Solar Panels on my roof. They were telling me all about their new advertising program they are running at the moment and how much their business has increased because of the tv ad. It got me thinking. Look at how far the television entertainment industry has come life. A little over three decades. No, I will not be telling you my real age, that is good enough. Back to it. When I was a child we had one television and it was on for a very small amount of time in my youth. Saturday morning cartoons and a family movie every once in a while. My father did like to watch Jeopardy and the news of course, but that was it. The television of my young years had a very small screen (compared to the ones I have in my life now) and it was monstrous heavy and looked quite a lot like a moving box.

In my preteen years my parents split up. This caused the budget to be tight with very few luxuries.  I distinctly remember the year that my sister’s and my joint Christmas present was a second television. We had two living spaces and were finally able to watch our cable shows that were on at the same time without having to set up a VCR to record one show while we watched the other. I mean hello, the 80’s called and wanted their remotes TV’s back, am I right?!

Then came the DVD. Yes, young people there was a time in history where there were not DVD’s. Crazy to think I know. I was there as the DVD’s phased out the VHS. Now when I see a VHS at a rummage sale it only brings back memories of first world problems my children will never have. Such as having to ‘be kind and rewind’.


The thing I think my children will soon not know anything about is cable. My children are all under the age of 8 and are very good at operating a remote, but not in the way we learned to click up and down to find a show, and with each click the screen flashed to the next show. My children use a four-way directional pad to find the show they want in ‘apps’ on smart televisions. If this would have been explained to my parents when I was young, they would have thought the person talking was a nut.

Anyway. We have three apps available to watch shows on. Amazon Prime is amazing. We can use it on all our amazon devices, including the little jump drive that turns my non-smart tv into a smart one.  Sense we do not have cable this makes it almost a necessity to have this device.

Then we have Hulu Plus, with this we can watch current cable shows without having to pay the outrageous prices of cable. Hulu is pretty awesome. I just wish it stored the back seasons of shows too, but I understand why they don’t. It is like their thing. Current shows only.


Then there is the ever loved Netflix. As of right now I cannot imagine the day Netflix will be a thing of the past, but of course it will happen someday. Netflix is a staple of almost everyone I know. It holds seasons upon seasons of shows making it very easy to binge watch shows. This is all the rage. Not that we try to watch shows like our friends but being able to sit down and watch show after show with no commercials and just keep the story going until the end, it is just what everyone does. Once you finish a show you ask everyone you know on social media what the next show you watch should be.

Things are always changing. Here is to the next 50 years of things improving and changing. Maybe someone will hold onto a VHS in a museum to show the kids of the future how we use to get our entertainment.