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Ok so I have just been in a bit of a debate with the guys from Tint My Windows Perth about Windows vs Apple. Who uses what? What works? What doesn’t? You get the idea I thought it would be a good topic to get stuck into. By the way the guys did an amazing job on y windows so thought I’d be kind and mention them on this little blog 🙂

A Life Divided

I love to write. As you can see here, I am writing to speak to you, for you to read. I am only assuming you love to read things. Recently my writing has picked up. Anywhere online I can write I am. The only problem I ran into a few weeks ago was that I could not write at a physical location that I wanted to. I have a beautiful Apple desktop. I love it. It works well for me with is design and quietness; but what about the times I want to be outside enjoying the fresh air and nature sounds. I could not do both writing and outdoors at the same time and suddenly this was a major issue in my life that had to be corrected as soon as possible.

The research began with me looking into Apples lovely line of laptops, and it quickly ended with the price tag. I already have so much invested into my desktop apple, why would I invest even more in a high functioning laptop when all I really want to do is type outside.

I moved onto Apple tablets. Lower prices? Yes! Low enough that I can justify buying one to simply move my writing outdoors? No. I didn’t need a machine for doing presentations or selling merchandise at vendor shows. I just want to write.

Now some of you might be thinking, if you want to write so much grab a pen and paper! Do not fret, I do that too for my personal writing, but when I need it to be online, I need to be able to write it once, edit, and be done.

If you happen to be an avid Apple user as my father was, stop reading here. The following might just break your heart, or send you into a rage.

I crossed my research over to laptops and tablets that are not Apple. I know, please forgive me. Just think of it as me looking for an upgraded notepad and pencil if you must. Seeing as how this is all I needed and not a supreme machine my pocket book was much happier away from apple.

I searched and searched to find exactly what I needed. I finally decided to order a Kindle 10-inch Fire along with a case that had a removable keyboard. I am happy and unhappy with this choice of mine and here is why.

Amazon has done a great job of creating their own marketing edge of tablets by producing the Kindles. Really, well done Amazon. If it is not already provided by amazon and right at the tip of your fingers on the Kindle, you probably don’t need it anyway. With my family taking advantage of Amazon Prime it makes great sense to have an Amazon product I can just link up to that account and all its benefits.

When my writing really started to pick up, I ordered Windows for my Mac desktop so I could have a solid program to write in. It came with licensing for one computer and one device. My new Kindle Fire let me down big time by not being recognized as a device by Windows. While this is so unfortunate for me, Kindle apps does offer a free document program that will do for my writing away from my desk. What a shame that would have been if I would have committed to the Kindle and there was no writing program at all! As I said before though, Amazon is one of the front runners in my book for well-made apps.


Now half my writing is done on Apple and half on Kindle. A life divided, but happier to be more mobile!