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We have so many places to put words up on a screen these days to get our thoughts out of our minds and up for the eyes of the world to read. We have all the social media outlets. Short little snippets here and there. What about the when we need to get a little more then a few sentences off our minds, what program or programs do we use? I am going to give you my over view of the programs I use across the board to write my documents and how they compare to each other.

Word. We all know it, we have all used it at some point. I think everyone has been trained to use most of the functions of word at some point or another. It s a well made program and the makers of Word know its value. If you do not use a Windows computer but you do use Word, you also know the value of Word because you paid for it. I am right there with you, I have bought Word to use on my Mac.

I did not want to spend the money on an Apple tablet to use for writing on the go I have a very big addiction to Amazon. Every aspect of it. Shopping, videos, music and health products. I recently bought some health products called¬†Kyani ¬†and the amazing Kindle Fire. I bought the 10 inch Kindle Fire for myself with a case that has a blue tooth key board. It works amazingly, but it does not run Word. It does offer several apps that suffice very well for writing. I am using one right now for this article and another one for my personal writing, that does not go ‘live’ on the web. The names of these apps are ‘WPS Office’ and ‘Office Suite Pro’ which at the time of this second one is ‘actually free’ on amazon. I love this feature of Amazon Prime. There are many apps that are offered with this ‘actually free’ logo on it. Amazon so kindly gives us these high grade apps with all of its features unlocked. Thank you Amazon!

If I am working on a computer that is not mine I LOVE Google docs. I can write what I need to and it is saved online, not on the device that is not mine. It has a lot of great features too. If you are use to using Word it takes a little bit of getting use to before you can feel totally comfortable using Google Docs. The best feature of Google Docs has to be the sharing part. I have been working for a long time on my family history, along with my sisters help. We can both work together on the same document at the same time. What ever work I do is automatically saved for her to view when ever she goes to the document next.

If I had to choose my favorite programs as of right now, I would say it is a tie between Word, just because the history I have with writing with it and knowing it so well and Google Docs because of the new features it offers over Word and the availability it offers being everywhere I can log into my google account.

Anyway, that’s all from me today, have a great week.