How to use telemarketing software to boost your customer service?


Customer service plays an essential role in your business's brand image. At every interaction, your agents represent the values and qualities of your services to customers. As such, they must be quick to respond and available each and every day. With that in mind, the implementation of telemarketing software allows you to improve the productivity of your consultants in all their actions carried out by phone. We explain here how to take full advantage of this powerful tool to boost the performance of your customer service.

Choose an accessible and intuitive solution

When choosing your telemarketing software for your customer service department, it is worthwhile to opt for a cloud-based or on-premise solution. These programs, stored on an online storage space, allow you to deploy them within a few hours and quickly integrate them with your various business applications and your CRM. You will discover a unique and intuitive platform to bring an efficient solution to your employees in the shortest possible time. Also, an online telemarketing software is available with a simple internet connection and secure access.

This way, whether your consultants are telecommuting or not, they benefit from the same working comfort to ensure a constant quality service to your customers. Similarly, you have access to statistics and data at any time to monitor your team's activity and adapt your customer strategy from anywhere. An advantage that guarantees your customer service a high reactivity in all circumstances.

Benefit from powerful and adapted features

A high-performance telemarketing software represents many advantages for all your customer service phone actions. By choosing a complete solution, you benefit from adapted and efficient features that facilitate the work of your agents and improve the experience and satisfaction of your customers. You benefit from a single, clear interface and powerful tools such as :

  • Statistics, dashboards and precise reports of your activity to pilot your customer service in real time.
  • Live call and double listening functions to train your agents with concrete feedback adapted to the reality of their work.
  • An automatic outbound dialer to maximize the productivity of your customer service on communications.
  • Personalization and automation of your campaigns by phone, texts, chatbot, or email.
  • An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) for your customers to have a certain autonomy in their procedures and benefit from self-service options available 24 hours a day.

Your agents can quickly master these devices and ensure optimal working comfort to meet customers' demands. More efficient, they help improve customer satisfaction at every interaction for quality exchanges that build the reputation of your brand.

Analyze the activity to determine your customer strategy

The daily reports and statistics of your telemarketing software ensure accurate insight into the activity of your customer service department. By analyzing this data, you can adjust your customer strategy in real time to meet their needs. In fact, the all-in-one platform of your telemarketing software allows you to easily and quickly modify the IVR , to add an agent to a hotline, or to monitor the waiting time of each customer before being transferred to a consultant. All these indicators help you to control the more or less intense activity of your customer service department and thus offer real support to your customers.

The detailed data from your telemarketing software can also allow you to justify the recruitment of new agents in order to improve customer satisfaction with a faster response time. On the other hand, smaller teams can benefit from the various automations available to meet the influx of requests without compromising on the quality of exchanges.

Integrating a telemarketing software with your CRM tool is a real asset for your sales force and your brand image. The exchanges with your customers are the result of a fluid process where waiting time is no longer a possible source of discontent. Your consultants also benefit from an optimal and stimulating work environment that contributes to the quality of the customer experience.

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